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Why a landscape study?

Our years of experience in the landscape industry have led us to a simple and unavoidable principle to which we adhere: only a quality landscape study guarantees a quality construction site. Thus, we invite our customers to resort to the landscape study, essential preliminary to the building site, and this for the following reasons:

  • Our collaborator landscape architect dplg will be the guarantor of a quality project. His skills are necessary to design a garden that meets both your specific needs and this in a graphic and aesthetic way, while proposing concrete solutions for the ecological transition,
  • You become an actor of the conception of your garden, you have a clear vision of your finished garden,
  • The study allows us to establish a precise estimate of the work allowing us to reduce the risks of hazards of construction site
  • Controlled work sites thanks to a better coordination of the various trades (landscaper, earthworker, mason, lighting engineer, swimming pool operator...)
  • A guaranteed return on investment. The costs incurred in a landscape study will undoubtedly be amortized on the site for the reasons mentioned above

Course of the study

1 Meeting / field survey

  • Define and validate environments and solutions

  • Measure the site
  • Sending a quote for the landscape study

2 Production of graphic documents

  • Reminder of desiderata
  • State of the site plan
  • Landscape plan
  • Ambient drawing(s)
  • Technical plans (plantings / networks / surfaces)
  • Plant and material palettes / furniture / lighting...

3 Presentation of the estimate of the construction site

  • Presentation of the estimate by lots / costs of the works
  • Modifications of the estimate according to your needs (materials, plants...) and phasing of the project
  • Signature of the estimate*.

*The use of the landscape study does not oblige the client to sign the realization of the building site. Landscape study and construction site are two independent phases.

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